4 SEO Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2018

Search engines aren’t trying to make life harder for website owners. They see search as a product, and as they improve their product, the game changes by default.” – Kathryn Aragon, Chief Educator at Ahrefs.
improved-our-business-using-SEO-450x300SEO will never stop evolving. The object of search engine optimization is not to craft a strategy that you will cling to indefinitely. No, it is to change with the times and stay one step ahead of your competitors as the maturation unfolds.

The single most effective way to ensure that you are leading the corporate pack in the SERPs is by maintaining awareness of how engines are adjusting their algorithms so that you can pivot before your competition even knows what happened.

As you start to retool your strategy for the year to come, be sure to account for these four major shifts that are poised to rock the SEO landscape.

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