mobile-phone-marketingIn the era of digitalisation mobile or smart phones can play a key role as Of the 243 million internet users, over 200 million are mobile internet users in India. It’s clear that the future will belong to businesses which have learned to leverage this channel to its fullest potential with the use of Mobile Phone Marketing.Mobile Phone and digital Marketing


Most mobile phone users are within an arm’s reach of their devices over 80 percent of waking hours, including times when other media are not available. With mobile phone penetration near 90 percent of conversations are possible all the time with everyone.

The most impact full mobile marketing strategy will follow the principle of So-Lo-Mo (Social Location and Mobile). It will personalize the message and deliver it to you just at the right time and the right place and perhaps leave you with a brand experience that you will never forget.

Mobile is the new wallet to you, mobile is the new bank to you, mobile is the new vault to you, mobile is the new camera to you. The use of a mobile phone is not limited to just call or SMS services, it is a life support system. By using the correct strategies we can enhance our business with mobile phone marketing.

For example,

when Joe is sitting in a downtown basketball arena, there are many restaurants and retail stores nearby that want to engage with Joe.

Yet, the context of attending a basketball game may mean that Joe will not want marketing interruptions while the game is being played. Combining both proximity and environmental context will be hard for many marketers to address, but consumers will grow to expect them together.

Real Time Reach to targets-

The always-on and always-aware nature of mobile devices provides more timely communications than any other channel.

In addition, the use of mobile SMS/MMS and mobile micro-blogging tools enable informality, message brevity and spontaneity to support conversations that seldom existed in prior Web marketing.  The average response time for SMS messages is dramatically less than that of email or postal mail.

This improved time relevancy is likely to enhance the quality of marketing conversations, though the marketing benefits may be reduced if consumers determine that message filters should be used to separate their personal and corporate conversations.

Diverse audience-

Since a lot more people own mobile phones than desktops or laptops, mobile phone marketing helps the marketer reach a far wider and diverse audience, especially in the more remote regions of the world.

Mobile marketing also gives the entrepreneur the advantage of geo-location and sending location-specific messages to users, using GPS and Bluetooth technology.

we can summarize the advantages of mobile marketing as follows:

  • Instant results
  • Easy to work with
  • Convenient to use
  • Direct marketing
  • Tracking user response
  • Huge viral potential

Businesses worldwide are considering mobile phone advertising as a part of their marketing program to enhance business outcomes. It is the current trend in the marketing world and seems to stay for quite some time now.

Author : Pankaj Tiwari

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