youtube-new-400x280YouTube has changed its logo for the first time in its twelve years of journey from its birth, it is the biggest makeover to date. Here’s how it looks like now:

Apart from logo, it has several other changes in its looks and feel change design to get more flexible across a variety of devices that looks and works better, YouTube said.

New Changes in Layout :


New changes will give a new level of functionality and a consistent look across mobile and desktop users’ experiences. Cleaner redesign where header and navigation tabs have been moved to bottom and Dark mode of YouTube which will give its users to get an eye-friendlier and quality experience.

New design, which is already rolled out to all YouTube users globally, getting positive reviews for its cleaner and simpler design. The changes to YouTube’s website and logo come after the service tweaked its mobile apps earlier this year. Changes that Mohan painted as an effort to bring consistency to a service that has been evolving quite a bit in recent years.

With the addition of originals and other premium content as well as dedicated apps for kids and music fans.

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Author : Pankaj Tiwari

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