Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

Digital Marketing in E-Commerce:


 Particularly we all know that buying or selling the product or services online or having any type of involvement of internet comes under eCommerce. Basically E-commerce is an electronic commerce which we can say that doing any type of business on internet or with the help of internet. It can be buying/selling of product and services or any kind of deal done between 2 or more parties.


  1. Buying products from any eCommerce site or selling on the websites.
  2. Using payment sites to make payments are come under the services of E commerce.
  3. Doing business deals like passing tenders or online bidding.

There are different business models are present in the market which are mainly used in the organizations—

  1. Business to Business (B to B)
  2. Business to Consumer (B to C)
  3. Consumer to Business (C to B)
  4. Consumer to Consumer (C to C)
  5. Business to Government (B to G)
  6. Government to Business (G to B)
  7. Government to Citizen (G to C)

As we all know the main aspects of E commerce and this field having a huge and endless scope.

Now the main point is what is Digital Marketing?

We all know the traditional marketing and the digital marketing is all the same and more easy and convenient but exactly the same, we can say platform is been changed. Here also we do marketing only but in a little different way, just with the help of some computer and on internet. Here internet is a basic mode of connection as well as the medium.

If you are learning digital marketing you are at right place as I am perusing MBA in E-Commerce only so I can easily define it. It is not a tough field we can easily understand it.

Digital Marketing is a mixture or combination of different parts-

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Social Media Optimization
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing

We can say the entire other element like e-mail marketing, sms marketing, Pay Per click, AdWords- AdSense etc. comes under these heads which are mention above.

Main point is how E-commerce connects with this digital or Internet marketing. These all the things is been done on internet with website help that promotes online market of that company product or services.

In today’s world when most of the people connected with the internet this is the main sector to cover in the field of marketing. The marketing or the marketing services provided on the internet is internet or digital marketing.

How digital marketing differs from traditional marketing?

In digital marketing the company need computer experts who has the detailed knowledge of SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, web designing and updated knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

Author : Pankaj Tiwari

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