Process of Image optimization for improved SEO results

image-optimization-process-450x147Image optimization for improved SEO results – 
I am working in one of the reputed Digital Marketing Company in India at the post of Digital Marketing Manager. Right Now I am writing about Image optimization process for better search engine rankings.

In off-page optimization sense , its only about sharing the images in most events. In case of info-graphics the flow of data, should be represented in a way such that only basic – level understanding is needed to decode information.

But in on-page optimization it’s much more than that. Optimization includes,

Resizing or optimizing the image for web. This process is used to reduce the size of image by less quality loss.
Providing ALT and Title tag for the images so that search engines can infer data about the image.
Providing relevant image name that will benefit SEO.
In case of responsive site, implementing image sprites and resized images.
Using gzip or any other web compression method to optimize the image delivery.
In some companies, this term is also used for conveying the message through images. Basically this section belongs to CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization )
Add Alt and title tags for every single image.

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