There are many SEO strategies that can help you to gain traffic, AMONG ALL OF THEM SOME basic SEO tips are.

  1. Say No to Plagiarism: Do not post any copied content on your blog, just be original. Try to post 100% unique content on your blog and make it up to 500 words minimum. It will let you gain more traffic and the search engines prefer unique content to rank higher on the SERPs.
  2. KeywordsIt is suggested to add keywords at the starting and end of the content and bold them. Maintain keyword density of 1-3% and add them in the Title, Tags, contents & Images ALT Tag.
  3. Improve Quality not the Quantity: High number of backlinks is not the guarantee for high ranking of your page. You should pay attention to the quality of the link on proper site with proper attached URL and its description.
  4. SOS (Success on Social): You must keep a social sharing button after the content. So, that the one who liked your post may share it on various social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and gain more traffic.
  5. Broken Is Dangerous: Broken Links Are Very Dangerous for Your Blog’s ranking in Search Engines. Keep an eye on them with the help of Google webmaster and wordpress plug-in for this and fix them ASAP if any.
  6. Loading……. Page loading time is one of the main factors for losing visitors if it’s taking too long to load. If you find your page is taking too long to load compress the page images or Upgrade Hosting to Load Blog/Site Quickly.
  7. Equality: No-follow and Do- follow both the links are necessary for your site to rank higher. Make 50-50 links for both and make sure to post only one link per site.
  8. Be on your own: Never tells anyone to make links for you. Do it on your own because it is necessary to make proper links with proper description with proper landings.
  9. Secure: Keep your blog posts and articles protected with your Google+ account against article spinners.
  10. Active is Ahead: Be Active in Social Media and Try to Share As Many As You Can. It’ll Help You to Be Stronger in Social Media Links.

Author : Pankaj Tiwari

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