Which are the best SEO off page activity in 2017?

best SEO off page activity in 20172017 will definitely be game changing for SEO:

Google has been releasing new updates which tells that their will be a modern seo which we all need to get updated. As we all know for SEO, off-page to work for your website first you need to optimize it for mobile and make your website responsive.

Because once the update is released mobile first index then all your rankings will get affected and your rankings will be calculated with mobile search results than desktop.
Before this update comes into place start optimizing your keywords for mobile. If you look at voice search in mobile the keywords will differ a lot. The search queries will get long tail terms or near by me or near me terms will be added to your search terms. So try collecting this search terms for your keywords and optimize them on your mobile.
Say goodbye to directory submissions, deep linking, classifieds, forums and paid backlinks.
Concentrate more on Quality link building because penguin is live now.
1. Social bookmarking
2. Guest posting
3. Article submissions
4. Press release
5. Video marketing
6. Blog marketing
7. Content Promotion
8. Info-graphic submission’s
9. PPT submissions
10. Visual Marketing
11. Community postings
Having a quality content and updated blog is a big advantage for any company but you need to make your content work properly but promoting it in different types of sources or platforms which brings a value to your users and helps you in generating more leads with SEO MARKETING IN INDORE .

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