STOP Organic Traffic Leakage –

STOP Organic Traffic Leakage:
Organic traffic converts much better than your ads, and you know it. However, when your organic traffic leaks – it goes directly to your COMPETITORS.Don’t sit back, because you simply can’t afford it. Do at least the following:
  • Check your site rankings. Be sure to target local search engines and their mobile versions, as this is exactly where your target visitors are.
  • See how your competitors rank for the same words. This is where your Conquer the World campaign will start.
  • Audit your site for SEO issues and technical errors. You don’t want search engines and visitors to turn away from your site, right?
  • Check if your site has toxic backlinks. These may result in search engines dampening your pages, so find and disavow them ASAP.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all by hand. Create a free account with WebCEO and use 14 online tools to manage your SEO routines, Competitor Research and Social Media Marketing efficiently.

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